Information on the Required Registration for Handling Passenger Lists

The registration request must be submitted via email to The request must be sent from the official email address of the ship requesting the registration.

The following are required for the registration:

  1. The email address of the ship (e.g.: xy@xx.xx ) and the name of the person responsible for data management.
  2. The dispatcher on duty performs the login protocol and sends the necessary data for the registration to the provided email address. The password must be changed after logging in, which can be done in the user menu.


  1. Open ’Passenger list handling’ within the menu ’Shipping announcements’ – it is the only available option.
  2. You can create a new passenger list or import a passenger list filled in with an Excel file spreadsheet, which can be downloaded from our website.
  3. Choose your ship within the menu item ’Create new passenger list’, and then the program automatically fills in the relevant sections of the table. Further data can be chosen from the database.
  4. By choosing the menu item ’Person list’ the uploading site is opened in a new window.
  5. Choose the first menu item on the left (’Crew’) to enter the data of the crew or the passengers.
  6. Data must be entered one by one, and the green tick symbol at the end of each row is used to finalize data recording.
  7. Choose the menu item ’Add’ at the bottom left to continue the data recording of the next passenger or crew member.
  8. After recording the data of each person, choose ’Save and go back’ to see the complete paxlist. At this point, it can still be modified, viewed, exported as pdf, sent, and even deleted.
  9. After choosing the option to dispatch the passenger list the system requires confirmation. By choosing ’Dispatch’ (envelope pictogram) the passenger list is sent to the authority.

At the third failed attempt the system blocks the user. In this case and in the event of a forgotten password a request must be sent to from the official email address of the ship. The dispatcher will grant access again by unblocking the user and sending a new password.